Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nine West does jeans...

And they do them with style too! If you go to, you can select your fit. Choose from Madison, Broadway, Bleecker and Bond. Also, remember ladies, that the skinny jean is not the only jean. Try switching it up with a nice trouser jean, like the Madison cut from Nine West. These jeans also come in sizes up to 16, so Miss Full Figure, go grab some! Miss Petite they have as small as a size 2 for you, and Miss Curvy can work just about anything in between.

(Nine West Bleecker Fit)

(Nine West Bond Fit)

(Nine West Madison Fit)

(Nine West Broadway Fit)
As we can very well see on these models, the new Nine West jeans aren't exactly cut for women with much hips, thighs and booty, so you may want to try these on to see how they fit on your particular body type. I must say, I'm loving those Bleecker jeans, very nice.
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Anonymous said...

I can vouch for these amazing jeans. Getting jeans to fit me has always been my major clothing issue. I thought I was doomed to wearing 'mom jeans' the rest of my life when I found these, in the Broadway cut. They fit my ample hips and thighs, but don't gap hugely in the waist. And they do have style! I give them a thumbs waaaay up!