Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Elise Neal's Bombshell Look

Miss Elise Neal (All of Us) was out and about rocking this fabulous outfit. I don't know if I would normally approve of this look, but it looks absolutely wonderful on Miss Neal. She's working those corset jeans too. Also, instead of the wide belt trend, Elise opts for a skinny red belt for just a pop of color, and it worked out perfectly too. Here's how to get this bombshell look...

1. *Brooke High Waist Jeans; Marc by Marc Jacobs, $198.00
2. Priscilla Peep Toe Pump;, $87.89
3. Skinny Leather Belt; Miu Miu from, $195.00
4. Key Hole Ruffle Blouse,, $159.00

And your receipt for rocking Elise Neal's bombshell look will be: $639.89

*= Elise Neal is wearing high waist corset jeans

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