Monday, August 13, 2007

Light Shopping Trip

Yesterday I had a much needed, impromptu shopping trip to the mall where I got an outfit from Torrid inspired by Rihanna, a "dookie rope" chain, a very strange pillow that I couldn't pass up, and a bottle of Glow by Midnight by J. Lo (Are we really still calling her that?). Then I hit up my beloved Target where I got some Rimmel lip gloss, trail mix, oil blotting sheets, and a four pack of Starbucks vanilla frappuccino. I felt much better after hitting the mall...and of course Target. Who says shopping isn't therapeutic?

(click for full size photo)

(click for full size photo)

Oh and can you please note the magazine game? You have to get the newest issue of Complex, the double cover with Kanye West and Cassie (is she still relevant?) I love Kanye's style. Say what you will. For you uber fashionistas, the fall fashion issue of W will be right up your alley. If you haven't been paying much attention to the presidential hopefuls, then please do pick up Vibe's newest issue with Sen. Barack Obama on the cover. Get to know our [possible] next president. Oh, and please believe I'll be doing some interning if he's elected. Miss Michelle your back.

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Samida said...

So loving that Kathy V. bag! Very Fabu!!