Friday, August 17, 2007

Budget Time

Do you have money to spare? Like, say, a certain hotel heiress? Or does your budget stretch just enough to allow you to look fly, but not cheap? Well, this is the very first edition of Paris Hilton's Budget vs. Bobby Brown's Budget. Let's see what you're working with!

This is a beautiful summer time look for Miss Full Figure. This long, flowing, maxi-dress, with its bright colors and bold patterns are sure to get you noticed. Throw in a few gold accents, and you'll look like a goddess!
1. Bre Silk Scarf Pattern Maxi Dress;, $378.00
2. Gold Calfskin Rhinestone "Santo Domi" Sandals; Ferragamo from, $552.00
3. Heart Locket Bracelet; Tiffany & Co., $1,725.00
4. Amethyst Nugget Ring;, $195.00
Your receipt for this goddess worthy look will be: $2,850.00 + tax

1. Gold Ring Maxi Halter Dress;, $68.00
2. Purple CZ Cocktail Ring;, $65.00
3. Ringding Sandals; J. Vincent from, $113.00
4. Pave Heart Padlock Bracelet; Juicy Couture, $88.00
The receipt for this less expensive version of your goddess look will be: $344.00 + tax

This outfit is gorgeous, and its fall ready. Very flattering, straight leg, charcoal gray, wool pants hug you in all the right places while keeping you warm. The fluffy, ultra-soft cashmere cardigan is stylish and functional (especially on those cold autumn nights!). Then we have those killer Louboutin pumps and that Miu Miu bag...can you really go wrong with this look? I think not!

1. Cashmere-blend Knit Stick Cardigan; Autumn Cashmere, $320.00
2. Flannel Pants; Oscar De Larenta from, $890.00
3. Coffer Suede Bag; Miu Miu, $1,295.00
4. Decolette Tiger Pumps; Christian Louboutin, $570.00
5. Gold Vermeil Giving Tree Necklace;, $325.00
6. Chocolate Metallic V-Neck Tunic; Cris from, $215.00
The receipt for this runway worthy look will be: $3,615.00 + tax

1. Deep V Perfect Fit Tee in Brown Earth;, $10.00
2. Charcoal Wool Blend Twill Pinstripe Pants; A.B.S., $130.00
3. Almond Toe Pumps Brown Snake; Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $29.99
4. Pretty Woman Satchel;, $22.99
5. Polished Medallion Necklace;, $4.08
6. Slouchy Wrap;, $30.00
Your receipt for this less expensive runway worthy look will be: $257.05 + tax

This wonderful outfit for Miss Petite mixes in the hottest neutral of the season (gray) with the warm, rich color of chocolate brown. Another outfit that you can't go wrong in this fall. Who could pass this outfit up? Did you see the bag and the shoes? Just asking...

1. Brown Wool Turtleneck Sweater Dress; Adam Plus Eve by Adam Lippes, $177.00
2. Lady Gres Platforms; Christian Louboutin, $865.00
3. Leather Metallic Bag; Paurick Sweeny from, $1,345.00
4. Crystal Ring; Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier from, $198.00
Your receipt for this fabulously chic look will be: $2,585.00 + tax

1. Matte Jersey Dress in Deep Chocolate; Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $20.99
2. Pilsner Pump; Guess? from, $89.95
3. Silver Tassel Tote;, $49.99
4. Venecia's CZ & Black Enamel Scroll Ring;, 59.99
Your receipt for this less expensive fabulously chic look will be: $219.93 + tax
Well ladies, work it on out with these fabulous outfits! Til next time...

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