Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grey Anatomy

Let me help to color you pretty with this seasons "new black". The always subtle grey is the choice color for fall. Starting with a neutral palette and adding in some pop here and there can give you so much versatility! Choose your bombshell body type and work with the wonderful greys of the season.

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1. Grey Matte Sequin Trimmed Cardigan; Inhabit, $358.00
2. Gold Lame Patchwork Dress; Derek Lam, $1,190.00
3. Grey Double Layer Chiffon Sequined Waist Skirt; Ya-Ya, $345.00
4. Lily Satin Crystal "Clara" Camisole; Leigh Bantivoglio, $198.00
5. Tickle Me Elmo Tee; Mighty Fine, $16.75

(click for full size photo)
1. Grey Marble Jersey Halter Top; Lotta Stenson, $198.00
2. Pewter Halter Bubble Mini Dress; Romeo & Juliet Couture, $78.00
3. Silver Sequin Boatneck Sweater; Stephanie Beare, $385.00
4. Smoke Shop Skinny Jean; Chip and Pepper, $209.00
5. Cookie Monster Rainbow Tee; Junk Food, $23.00

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1. Sunbirst Charmeuse Dress;, $109.20
2. Giovanna Pants;, $69.00
3. Super Girl 77 Tee; Junk Food, $19.99
4. Grey Silver Braided Trim Halter Top; Torrid, $34.00
5. Grey Leather Jacket; Dolce & Gabbanna, $2,995.00

(click for full size photo)
1. Light Grey Clutch; Dior, $1,790.00
2. Hammered Gunmetal Cuff; Jose & Maria Barrera, $390.00
3. Dark Grey Buckle Hinge Sunglasses; Gucci, $320.00
4. Labradorie Pendant Silver Necklace; Nancy Cohen, $300.00
5. Metallic Ankle Boot; Manolo Blahnik (exclusively at, $895.00

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