Friday, April 11, 2008


I have really been MIA for a while, and I'm so sorry. Lots of things have been going on in my personal life, I wont bore you to tears with it. But I am in the process of becoming a published writer, so please cross your fingers for me! I will return to all of my beloved readers, and hopefully with good news.
I know, I took a ridiculously long time to tell you I'm gonna be on a hiatus, especially since you can clearly see that lol, but you have to forgive me.
I shall return...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dress To Impress

Today is Valentine's Day, so why not get all dolled up and wear your favorite red or pink dress? Whether print or solid, satin or knit, you can't go wrong in a fun sexy dress this special day.

1. Babydoll Bubble Dress;, $148.00
2. Mesh Circle Sequin Dress;, $25.50
3. Black Halo Silk Tank Dress;, $310.00
4. Print Fit and Flare Mini Dress;, $127.91
5. Ruched Mesh Dress;, $65.00

1. Marilyn Convertible Dress;, $195.00
2. Embellished Waist Dress;, $48.65
3. Silk V-Neck Halter Gown;, $207.00
4. Knit Wrap Dress;, $116.00
5. Mini-Dot Print Dress;, $31.99

1. Color Block Babydoll Dress;, $118.00
2. Satin Pleated Bubble Dress;, $26.50
3. Silk Babydoll Dress;, $340.00
4. Fersen Smocked Jersey Dress;, $365.00
5. Satin "Lady Slipper" Dress;, $149.00

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Style File: Grammy's Edition

So, this post was originally going to be a best dressed post...but I honestly wasn't in love with anyone's choice of dress last night, so I'll just show you what all the lovely bombshells were wearing instead. I didn't really hate anyone's dress either, none of them struck me though. Such a disappointment.

Alicia rocked a deep blue Armani gown, and for some reason she chose that berry colored clutch. I can't say I hate her dress, but it's not my favorite.

Beyonce Knowles showed up rocking a fresh new hair-do, a shorter length and more of her trademark blonde. She wore a shimmery, Elie Saab dress. She looks great as far as hair and makeup go, but this dress didn't do it for me either. I can't decide if I like it or not. I thought it was her usual look, shimmery.

Rihanna disappointed me this time around. She's usually always put together so well, but this time someone dropped the ball when they put her in this blue Zac Posen dress. It does nothing for that amazing figure she has. I do like the shoes though, and her hair and makeup are both on point. Love the new hair cut.

Keyshia Cole rocked a new 'do on the carpet as well, shedding her signature platinum tresses for a much darker hue. Its either too light or too dark with her. This time she went a tad too dark for her skin tone, but I like the change. I'm not sure how I feel about her Mark Bauer dress though. Her makeup is on point, and the shoes are alright.

I love Corinne Bailey Rae, I think she's adorable and an amazing talent. I wasn't in love with her dress though. Big surprise right? I do like it more than I liked any of the other dresses I saw last night, but I hate her choice of shoes! I would have loved to see her in a pair of metallic silver heels to pick up the shimmer of the over-sized sequin flowers. Anyway, her hair and makeup both get thumbs up from me.

Fantaisia rocked a nice gown on the carpet, it flattered her shape nicely. She's one of the many who decided to go with a new 'do on the red carpet as well. I don't know what exactly inspired the new punk hair do, but after I've seen it a few times its started to grow on me. Go figure! I know I'm probably completely alone in that too, but its fine. I'm always for people marching to the beat of their own drum.

Lastly we have Toccara, a former America's Next Top Model contestant. She went with a slinky black dress that didn't do much for her new, thinner figure. It didn't look Grammy worthy at all either, but at least she wore it with a smile. The shoes are alright, as are her hair and makeup.

I think we saw somewhat of a trend on the red carpet last night at the Grammy's. The banded, sort of embellished waist seems to be a hit among stylists and artists alike. Be on the look out for an emerging trend ladies.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Products I Live By: Part 2

So I promised to do a Products I Live By post containing my favorite makeups, and it's here! Once again, all drugstore products. I'm not a makeup enthusiast, nor do I have the pockets to provide myself with MAC and Chanel beauty products. So you can, once again, find all of these things in your local drugstore, or my personal addiction, Target.

E.L.F. Moisture Care lipgloss is super shiny and not sticky, which I love. I'm not sure how well it stays put throughout the day because I layer it along with some of my other favoirte glosses. Some of which I couldn't find the proper pictures for. I'll just tell you what they are though:
ELF Hypershine lip gloss in Blossom
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Rhthym
Rimmel Sweet Jelly lip gloss in Candy Floss
All together (I know it sounds like a lot, but its not) these lip glosses stay put for most of the day. And since I like to touch up my lip gloss, I find it hard not to reach in my bag and retouch during the day.

My skin loves this product! It's Biore Shine Control Moisturizer. It's oil free which is perfect for my extra, ridiculously oily skin especially in the winter months. Even with overly oily skin, you still should moisturize it, and avoid alcohol based toners and products at all costs! They'll strip your skin and make it go into oil producing overdrive. That's why I keep my skin happy with this moisturizer. It's super light, it smells great, and it takes no time to dry. I use it uner my makeup all the time and it helps a lot.

CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers are great! Very sheer color, great smelling, and a pretty good lasting wear. It feeds my lip gloss addiction too. It's kind of hard for me to find around my area though, so I treasure my little tube. This gloss is great layered or by itself...and it tastes good. Yum lol.

CoverGirl Lash Blast is the newest mascara on the market. The drugstore market that is. Anyway, the brush is something new that I haven't seen before, chubby with little plastic bristles. It claims to give you a blast of dramatic lashes, and for me it does. I went seeking for it after I read a review on Makeup Bag a few weeks ago, and already I love it to death. You have to know how to finesse this mascara though, it had a tendency to clump on me, so I just wiped away the excess before I coated my lashes.

I seriously hope they never discontinue this moisturizer or I will die! Dramatic enough for you? Boots Botanics Fresh Faced Tinted Moisturizer is so perfect for me. Especially since I have no real technique to applying foundation. Like I said, I'm not too huge on makeup, but I do like it a lot. This moisturizer is very, very light and it gives me sheer coverage that just gently evens out my skin tone when my face is acting crazy (which is often). It's not greasy, or oily, and it stays put. Blends perfectly too. I use it almost everyday because besides evening me out, it's good for your skin. I use this in addition to Boot's Lighter Than Air loose translucent powder to control my shine factor. I couldn't find the loose powder anywhere for some reason though. I hope they dont plan on snatching it off the shelves. I love it too much! Just a light dusting takes away all the shine and aides in evening my skin tone out.

NYX Pearl Shadow. This stuff is the best. It goes on so silky smooth and it stays put all day, never creases on me. Now I don't go for this blue hue, I use Gold Pearl, or Charcoal on the regular. It shimmers and gives you a subtle color that highlights your eyes. People always compliment me when I wear this shadow. I think its perfect for beginners, because its what I first started out on, and I'm still using it religiously. I normally get it at my local beauty supply store. No, not Sally's, but a beauty supply store that's very local lol. NYX has great products for low prices, and they're quality too. This is the only shadow I've used that doesn't fade or crease during the day.

Once again, feel free to share your fave makeup I can go try them out!
Stay beautiful ladies,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've Missed You Guys!

My phone line and DSL has been down for the past week, and I've been in hell! But it just got fixed today, so I'll be back with a fresh new post tomorrow. So, so, sorry for the lack of updates.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bombshell Reader Files: Purple Heart Party

One of my fabulous readers sent me this email:

Hey Miss Danielle,

I had to write you to let you know that I absolutely love your website/blogspot! You always stay up on posting the trendy fashions of today. I visit all the time to find out what's new out there in the fashion world. Keep up the good work! I also like how you find and post links on most of the fashions that are worn by the artists and actresses, so that everyday people can find the similar styles. I have a birthday party coming up and the theme is Purple Harts (my favorite color) so everyone at my party has to show up in an outfit that somehow correlates purple. My party is 3 weeks away and I myself have not found the perfect outfit to wear. I'm looking for a form fitting affordable sweater dress or any stylish yet not over the top cute purple outfit. Do you think you can help me out? I did find something that I liked while cruising the internet that Rihanna was wearing, (minus the cleavage hanging out) but I have no idea on how to find that outfit or anything similar. So if you could help me out and bless me with some of your fashion sense I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Girl.

Loyal Visitor,
Nina D.

Well Miss Nina, I will do my best to help you pull together a wonderful birthday ensemble!

I know you were looking for sweater dresses, but since the new spring season is right around the corner, many online shops aren't carrying too many of them. I did however find you some lovely purple party dresses.

1. Berry/Charcoal Striped Dress;, $150.00
2. Belted Cowl Neck Sweater Dress;, $75.00
3. Grape Split Back Mini Dress;, $133.00
4. Braided Strap Deep V Dress;, $58.00
5. Adriana Knit Dress;, $39.50
*=This dress is available in purple

If none of those dresses piqued your interest, then check out the other pieces that you can mix and match to achieve your desired look.

1. Brights Skinny Pants;, $49.00
2. Bodycon Jersey Dress;, $69.49**
3. Angora-Wool Button Turtleneck Sweater;, $49.99
4. Solid Charmeuse Top;, $36.00
5. Cosmos Dress;, $47.95
**= This total has been converted from the British pound

Check out these gorgeous shoes, Nina! You don't have to bathe your entire outfit in purple, try a metallic splash for your shoes, or maybe a nice neutral like gray would work. Be creative.

1. Amelie Purple Pump;, $168.99
2. Tempura Platform Sandal;, $18.00
3. Jefferson Pump;, $15.00
4. Kyle Pump;, $62.89
5. Jessica Simpson Bonnie Pump;, $78.95

I hope I've sparked some ides for fabulous birthday outfits in your head Nina. Thank you so much for emailing me with your fashion inquiry, I'm always glad to help! I hope your birthday is wonderful, and please send in pictures of what you chose to wear, we want to see how beautiful you'll look on your day.

If any of my other bombshell readers out there need tips or ideas for an outfit then please feel free to send me an email.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Style File: Christina Milian, Rihanna, and Ashanti

I'm loving Ashanti's look in this picture. The singer was hosting an event recently at Pure night club rocking a fabulous striped dress with red accessories. This whole look works for Ashanti, hair, makeup, accessories and all. Hopefully some new music will come along with her fab appearance.

Rihanna walked the red carpet recently, showing off a cute new cropped hair cut and a gorgeous gray, off the shoulder dress. This makes her look absolutely stunning and graceful, and I love the edgier new hair cut, it gives her look a little spunk. And I see her sporting the hot look of the spring, gladiator sandals. They mesh perfectly with her Grecian inspired dress.

The always beautiful Christina Milian was out in Miami looking effortlessly chic rocking a tan linen tube dress with pockets. Normally I hate dresses with pockets, but Christina manages to pull this look off completely without the pockets making her look frumpy and bloated. I'm even a fan of her choice of jewelry. I love the chunky necklace! Work it out Miss Milian!

Stay beautiful ladies