Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bombshell Reader Files: Purple Heart Party

One of my fabulous readers sent me this email:

Hey Miss Danielle,

I had to write you to let you know that I absolutely love your website/blogspot! You always stay up on posting the trendy fashions of today. I visit all the time to find out what's new out there in the fashion world. Keep up the good work! I also like how you find and post links on most of the fashions that are worn by the artists and actresses, so that everyday people can find the similar styles. I have a birthday party coming up and the theme is Purple Harts (my favorite color) so everyone at my party has to show up in an outfit that somehow correlates purple. My party is 3 weeks away and I myself have not found the perfect outfit to wear. I'm looking for a form fitting affordable sweater dress or any stylish yet not over the top cute purple outfit. Do you think you can help me out? I did find something that I liked while cruising the internet that Rihanna was wearing, (minus the cleavage hanging out) but I have no idea on how to find that outfit or anything similar. So if you could help me out and bless me with some of your fashion sense I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Girl.

Loyal Visitor,
Nina D.

Well Miss Nina, I will do my best to help you pull together a wonderful birthday ensemble!

I know you were looking for sweater dresses, but since the new spring season is right around the corner, many online shops aren't carrying too many of them. I did however find you some lovely purple party dresses.

1. Berry/Charcoal Striped Dress;, $150.00
2. Belted Cowl Neck Sweater Dress;, $75.00
3. Grape Split Back Mini Dress;, $133.00
4. Braided Strap Deep V Dress;, $58.00
5. Adriana Knit Dress;, $39.50
*=This dress is available in purple

If none of those dresses piqued your interest, then check out the other pieces that you can mix and match to achieve your desired look.

1. Brights Skinny Pants;, $49.00
2. Bodycon Jersey Dress;, $69.49**
3. Angora-Wool Button Turtleneck Sweater;, $49.99
4. Solid Charmeuse Top;, $36.00
5. Cosmos Dress;, $47.95
**= This total has been converted from the British pound

Check out these gorgeous shoes, Nina! You don't have to bathe your entire outfit in purple, try a metallic splash for your shoes, or maybe a nice neutral like gray would work. Be creative.

1. Amelie Purple Pump;, $168.99
2. Tempura Platform Sandal;, $18.00
3. Jefferson Pump;, $15.00
4. Kyle Pump;, $62.89
5. Jessica Simpson Bonnie Pump;, $78.95

I hope I've sparked some ides for fabulous birthday outfits in your head Nina. Thank you so much for emailing me with your fashion inquiry, I'm always glad to help! I hope your birthday is wonderful, and please send in pictures of what you chose to wear, we want to see how beautiful you'll look on your day.

If any of my other bombshell readers out there need tips or ideas for an outfit then please feel free to send me an email.


Marleaux said...

Cute looks. I've been in love with those purple Report Signature shoes for a whiel.

Anonymous said...

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