Friday, January 18, 2008

Get Ready For Spring!

Spring will be here in no time ladies, we're already in the middle of January! Make sure you get a leg up on the trends for this season...

You've been covering those legs up all winter long! Time to break out your "lady razor", Skintimate gel, and cuffed shorts. They're one of the hot trends for spring 08. If you don't want the extremely short shorts, then you can always go longer, but lets step out of our box a little this year. Just a little...

1. Women's Striped-Cuff Shorts; Old Navy, $22.50
2. Houndstooth Pattern Shorts;, $17.80
3. Stretch Cotton Cuff Shorts;, $60.00
4. Linen Seamed Pocket Cuff Shorts;, $69.00
5. Joe's Jeans Striped Shorts;, $60.80

After a season of gray, rock star black, deep blues and such, it's time for a splash of color. This spring will certainly give us that needed splash with color block tops and dresses, bold prints, wrapped up with flashy hues to give our eyes a much needed treat.

1. Chiffon Striped Halter;, $495.00
2. Pixel Scarf Tie Halter;, $79.00
3. Colorblock Top;, $15.80
4. Print Pleated Top;, $297.00
5. Color Block Halter Dress;, $68.00

Stripes are getting a makeover this spring with so many different, fun styles and colors. Stars and fashionistas alike are popping up wearing stripes. They're not jail bird attire anymore. They can be dressed up with a blouse, or down with a casual tee. Did I mention they're great for camouflaging those "problem" areas?

1. Sequin Striped Top;, $114.00
2. Charcoal Striped Drop Dress;, $147.00
3. Black and Cream Halter Dress;, $293.00
4. Striped Belted Top;, $16.49
5. Herve Leger Striped Cami Tank;, $625.00

Stay beautiful ladies!

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