Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Check Her Out: Kesh

The new year calls for new things, so randomly I'll be adding new little features that interest me and that I hope will interest you as well. Check This Out will be a feature strictly about the things that have caught my eye recently. I come across a lot of fly things during my internet surfing and searching, and I would be selfish not to share them! So I decided to start off with one of my fashion idols...

If you're one of the millions of people who have Myspace, then you should already know about this brown bombshell out of London named, Kesh. You should be even more familiar with her if you're a fashionista on Myspace. This 21 year old designer puts her own colorful and imaginative spin on track suits, hoodies and even dresses...but more importantly and probably more common are her fun t-shirts which are called "Keshirts". Cute right? These shirts include very unique designs that are sure to get you noticed. I'm all for clothing that's one of a kind, especially with everyone following the same trends without a shred of originality. Kesh is bubbling over with originality though, she makes her own clothes, and makes her own style, which is what being a bombshell is all about. She's certain to be the next big thing, you should definitely check her out.

Kesh's Myspace
Kesh's Blog

Check out Kanye West rocking a Keshirt...

Rapper Lupe Fiasco wears Keshirts as well.

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teenuh leoné said...

I've been following Kesh Kesh for almost a year and a half! She is so amazing. I love love love her style and her drive (and she's the sweetest person). She inspires me! I wanna be like her when I grow up, lol. :)