Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DIY: Men's Wear

Hey everyone! Hope your holiday was eventful. Mine was a boring one unfortunately. But now I'm back, so on with the posting :)

(Alice Roi 2007 Fall Show)

One of the many hot looks to grace the fall runways was the menswear look. Yes, androgen is here with a fierceness that it's never had before. So, allow me to give you bombshells a few tips on how to pull this fabulous, chic look off.

Alright, this DIY project will require a little store hunting on your part, that is if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg trying to look effortless. You'll notice that in this post I completely neglect the links back to the items listed...because I want you to do it yourself! Go out and find that perfect outfit for you.
We'll start off with a pair of basic jeans:
(Super High-Rise Skinny Jean)

(Madison Wide Leg Jean)
You may start off with either jean to achieve this look.

Next you'll want to browse your local thrift shops and or second hand stores to find a men's button down shirt. Preferably white, its crisp and simple. You'll want to definitely try the shirt on to see how it fits you. Go for a slightly loose fit, and its perfectly normal for the sleeves to swallow your arms. We'll get into that later...
(White Button Down Shirt)
Now that you've got yourself a nice crisp white button down shirt, you'll need a men's suit vest. Something simple, in a dark color like black, charcoal, or navy will do just fine. It'll look great in contrast with the white shirt.
(Black Men's Suit Vest)
Lastly, you'll need a fedora hat or a news boy cap, also in a dark color.
(Black Newsboy Cap)
Now, lets put this outfit together, shall we?
When you put the button down shirt on, as I said before it will be loose, or it should be. Tuck the shirt in and let it pillow over the waist of your jeans just a little. If you're not comfortable with tucking the shirt in, then simply grab yourself a shirt that fits a little more snugly and leave it un-tucked! Next you'll want to roll those super long sleeves up about 3 inches above your wrists. It gives you room for girly accessories like bracelets and link watches. Leave a few buttons on the shirt open, just a few...maybe three. Let's not showcase the girls. Next put on your suit vest and make sure you leave it open. Top it off with your fedora or news boy cap, and pull your hair back in a ponytail, or tuck it behind your ears. Voila! Menswear in an effortless, bombshell fashion.
Use the pictures I posted as a reference guide and have fun shopping for your perfect menswear look. Stay beautiful ladies!

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