Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Team Spirit!

Football season is upon us, and I know plenty of people who are already planning out the parties and festivities. I live in a place where everyone is BIG on football and the age old rivalry of the beloved Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. Well, I decided to do a post in honor of football season, because we women like to show our team spirit from time to time too. There's no reason at all that we can't look fashionable while doing so though. Just because it's time to parade a 'Skins victory over a Cowboy's fan head, doesn't mean you have to rock a stuffy track suit...or even worse, sweat pants. So check out these very fly ways to show your team spirit, while still turning heads.

I love these choices because their all very feminine without being bulky and or baggy. Remember ladies, when buying sports apparel, to buy it from the women's section so that it will be fitted to your body. Miss Full Figure, if they're not carrying your size in the women's department, then grab one of the smaller men's jerseys or t-shirts. Just make sure the fit is not baggy. You don't want to ever swim in your clothes, even if it is game night.

1. Women's Active Roster Tee;, $45.99
2. Women's Cheer Jacket; Reebok, $64.99
3. NFL Water color Tee; Reebok, $14.99
4. Chris Cooley Glitter Jersey;, $59.99
5. Double TIme Tank Top;, $34.99
6. Women's 4 in 1 Jacket;, $89.99

Normally, sports accessories are clunky and manly, but not these picks. They're really adorable and they allow you to show your team spirit while being a girl all at the same time. Check them out if you want to carry a little piece of your team with you always.

1. 14k Gold Pendant;, $490.00
2. Ladies Stainless Steel Starlet Watch;, $89.95
3. Charm Bracelet;, $99.00
4. Velvet and Crystal Team Clutch;, $69.99
5. Game Day Dazzler Watch;, $39.99

Now, remember most of the sites listed here carry merchandise for all NFL teams. I chose to highlight the Redskins because I'm from Maryland/DC. The sites have just about the same exact style of clothing/accessory but with your favorite team's colors and name. Now go plan a football party and show your team spirit! Stay beautiful ladies.

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