Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tee Off!

Who doesn't love a great graphic tee? I know I do. Especially the vintage ones that take me down a mid-80's memory lane. With so many of our favorite childhood characters, TV shows, board games, and popular sayings printed on these ultra-soft, brushed cotton tees, who knows which shirts to pick? I personally want them all whenever I see them! Here are some very adorable vintage and non-vintage ones I found while cruising my favorite online stores.

Sesame Street Faces Striped Orange Tee

Girl Next Door Tee

Sex Pistols Letter Tee

Barbie Batwing Tee

80's My Little Pony Tee

Audio Blast Tee

Monopoly Money Tee

Star Paint Splatter Tee

Mario & Yoshi Tee

Women's Armed Tee

Try this:

Tri-Color Clubs Bracelet

Vintage Flat Door Knockers

Glitter Bangle

Gumball Necklace

Style Tips:
*Spruce your vintage tee/jeans look up with a men's suit vest
*Planning on wearing sneakers with your fly tee? Pick a pair of straight leg jeans.
*Wear a pair of bold colored shades to give your retro look an extra push
*Pull your hair back in a pony tail for that celebrity fresh look


Anonymous said...

.....NICE…. ^_^v…..


Anonymous said...

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