Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Try This: Tortoiseshell

This season, switch things up a little with some tortoiseshell accessories. They always give off a very warm, rich look to whatever outfit you pair them with. Plus, its just a very fun way to try something different! Check out these very cute, very tortoiseshell accessories I found.

1. Serena Gradient Sunglasses; vivre.com, $225.00
2. Tortoise and Silver Bracelet; mychicthings.com, $8.00
3. Tortoiseshell Link Bracelet Watch; nordstrom.com, $140.00
4. Tortoise Resin Bead Necklace; dillards.com, $27.50
5. Large Hoop Earrings; dillards.com, $32.00

Try pairing tortoiseshell accessories with warm colors that don't overpower them.

1 comment:

Irie Diva said...

those glasses are funky! i'd def give those a shot if they weren't outta budget!