Monday, October 8, 2007

Sweater Season

Well judging by my wraps and shrugs post, I'm sure you can tell that its fall, so lets continue to keep warm and toasty with these lovely sweaters. I would suggest wearing a light weight shell under a sweater to prevent itchiness if that's a problem for you.

1. Pointelle Surplice Sweater;, $49.50
2. Cable Knit Trim Sweater;, $29.50
3. **Buttoned Mock-Neck Kimono-Sleeve Sweater;, $74.00
4. Shirred V-Neck Sweater;, $38.00

1. Cashmere Cable Scoop Neck;, $119.00
2. Hairy Yarn Tunic;, $165.00
3. Cable Knit Sweater;, $265.00
4. Kimono Sleeve Lurex Top;, $17.50

1. Rib Cardigan Sweater;, $39.00
2. Blouson Pleated Sweater;, $68.00
3. Hooded Cable Pullover;, $19.50
4. Cashmere Scoop Neck Sweater;, $119.00

**= What's really going on with the runway thin girl modeling full figured clothing? Just thought I'd ask lol...

Stay beautiful ladies!

1 comment:

Irie Diva said...

i envy you guys jus a weeee bit for being able to wear these sweaters! wouldnt make sense for me in hot azz jamaica i only have prolly two sweaters for whenever it gets a bit chilly or to wear in the office but those are too cute!

but then i wouldnt want to be freezin in the ice lol