Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bombshell News

Janet Jackson Weight Loss/Weight Gain Book

Looks like Miss Jackson has some extra time on her hands. The icon plans to write about her journey through her weight losses and her weight gains. The book is untitled as of now.

"I’m writing a book on my journey of weight loss and weight gain," Jackson, 41, told PEOPLE. "[I'm] really coming from the soul with it, and what I was going through at different times in my life and what possibly brought it about for myself," she says of the yet untitled book. She'll also include in the book what she did "nutrition-wise" to slim down "when she needed to," but warns, "It's different for everyone."

Jennifer Lopez Is Preggers

It seems that Jenny from the block is indeed pregnant...we all can see her baby bump. But it seems that she and husband Marc Anthony may be pregnant with TWINS. She's been dodging the whole baby issue as of late and maybe this is why. She still has yet to confirm her pregnancy. Well if the former fly girl is pregnant, I wish her luck!

Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea...

I'm not too sure if these are actually Mattel Barbie and Ken dolls that are coming out in the likeness of Jay-z and Beyonce, or if someone just thought this was cute... Either way, looking at this leaves me a little on the disturbed side. Lets hope its just someone being funny. It is still entertaining though!


Toya said...

LMAO at the Beyonce doll. I love how the poses are so similar.

liz said...

why does Jay-Z's doll look better than him?