Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh No Honey: Keyshia Cole

What in the leggings and knit/lace hell is this child wearing? I don't know what her stylist was thinking, or if her stylist was thinking at all! This is not a flattering outfit on Miss Cole at all. There is nothing about it that I'm feeling, so feel free to point out your own issues with this catastrophe of an ensemble.
My computer is still acting crazy, and blogger isn't helping. It took me nearly an hour just to post this! Yall pray for this computer...and blogger.

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MissMonah said...

HAHA. thanks so much for making me laugh with this pic! I've always considered Keyshia ghettofab, but with this outfit she's lacking the fab..I don't even know if this looks constitutes as ghetto. Either way, she looks a hot mess with that cream-colored ensemble.

I love the "Oh No Honey" posts!

Good luck with your computer!